[Adventure] #1: When 80% turns to 100%, My 24 Hour L.A.dventure!

Hello there! I haven’t updated this blog in about a month, but let’s just say life has been pretty chill since I dropped a class. I made a promise a myself to take on more creative projects and live life a little to make up for taking one less class this quarter. Well let me tell you. I DID JUST THAT.

So if you didn’t know already, I am super in love with DEAN and sadly missed the opportunity to see him earlier this year. Read more about that emotional rollercoaster here.

(assuming that you have read that post from this point forward)

Well remember the 80% chance fate I mentioned before when it came to meeting DEAN? Well guess what everyone? That 80% turned into 100%. I FINALLY GOT TO SEE HIM LIVE. *hyperventilating just thinking about it again*

Let me do a recap of my spontaneous 24-hour adventure to LA. (Sidenote: This will also be the debut of my new camera! I took full advantage of that selfie-friendly screen. You’ll see what I mean! *wink*) Not sure how many of you are aware, but there was an event held by ISAtv hosted by Far East Movement and Wongfu Productions. It was called Identity LA and was marketed as the hugest AAPI Heritage Month festival that brought people together with live music, food trucks, and other cool booths. Most importantly, DEAN was going to be there. More info at the Facebook event page here.

Well I heard about this awhile back and was SUPER down to go. I mean I missed my chance the first time to see DEAN in Vancouver so there was no way in heck that I was going to pass up on this opportunity. Luckily, I had my awesome friends Niki and Anthony who were willing to come along with for this adventure. How would I get to LA you may ask? My amazing friend JMao managed to find Megabus tickets that would be $10 roundtrip. CRAZY RIGHT?! I couldn’t believe it at first either. This would mean that we would have to leave from San Jose at about 7:00am and get to LA at about 1:00pm. We would then have to get on the bus that same night at about midnight and return to San Jose at about 7:00am the next morning. I was serious when I said this was a 24 hour trip. Despite the crazy travel, I wasn’t going to pass up $10 tickets that would allow me to see THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. Nuh-uh. Also, shoutout to the fabulous Cenobio who agreed to wake up super early to drop us off and pick us up from the San Jose transit station.


So start of the day was pretty rough. Somehow got foundation on my DEAN dress. Super sad face. Trying desperately now to figure out ways to get it out. Praying that it will. Fingers crossed. Bus ride to LA was a bit longer than expected and we didn’t get there until about 1:30pm. Slept for most of it and tried to look for Tide To Go at the rest stop. No luck. We somehow navigated our way to the venue about 2:00pm. The line for the venue was pretty long at that point, so we were a bit worried because we heard they might limit people who could come in because of safety reasons. Later more friends from LA joined us and we got to talk for the next 3 hours. I was freaking out when I realized that DEAN was doing soundcheck. I literally stopped everything I was doing to press myself against the fence I was leaning on to make out what DEAN was singing. Of course I as able to name it all and I got so excited that I accidentally the girls standing in front of us. Hahaha. They applauded how my friends and I were dedicated enough to travel 7 hours to go see DEAN. Hehehe.

Fast forward to when we were finally able to go in! We stood in line for about an hour and a half for a food truck called Surfin Sumo. While we were in line I spotted Josh from JKFilms/New/Party, Mike Bow, Wes, and Phil. Dude I was so starstruck. That’s when you know you’re in LA. (Sidenote: It would be so cool if I could live in LA for some time in the future just so I could surround myself with inspiring Asian American creators.) Anyways, finally got salmon and shrimp plate from the food truck. IT WAS SO YUMMY. The salmon literally melted my mouth like butter and the shrimp was nicely seasoned. Would recommend you to try it out if you ever happen to be in LA. Also super great since I got to meet up with my adorable cousin Julie. Love that girl. Also super fitting that she was there since she was also went to the VIXX concert a few years back with me. (Sidenote: VIXX are the other loves of my life.)


Selfie #1: With Anthony and Niki


Selfie #2: Julie and her bf joins the pic

Moving onto the concert portion, I didn’t join the crowd until Giraffage, but it was nice hearing some groovy music by Kyle Dion and a few other artists as I finished my food. Giraffage’s music was pretty dope and although his graphics in the background got me kind of uncomfortable at so points. I could totally see DEAN totally digging the aesthetic of the graphics so I wonder if they got to talk to each other backstage. Some other cool people that I got to see and were honored with awards at the event were Jenn Im and Justin Chon. Totally a star-studded night. Us the Duo was absolutely adorable and will relisten to some of their music on YouTube.

Last on the line was DEAN and Club Eskimo Club Eskimo being SAAY and MISO. I really enjoyed SAAY’s song Black and Blue. I’m not 100% sure that was the song title but I’m pretty sure it was. I can’t seem to find her on YouTube but maybe that’s because she’s a new signee. Will definitely check out more of her stuff if I can find them. I couldn’t see MISO because there was a speaker was blocking her from my view. I enjoyed her music although I couldn’t concentrate because all that was going on in my head was, “I’m about to see DEAN perform right in front of my eyes. I AM NOT READY.”

Let me just say that I could’t full process what was happening and still can’t fully process that I saw DEAN right in front of my eyes. As expected, he WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. It was like he ate the CD. For those who aren’t familiar with that phrase, it means that an artist sings so well (as if he ate the CD). He performed all of my faves in the following order: Put My Hands on You, Pour Up, What2do, Bonnie and Clyde, And You?, 21, Half Moon, Sorry Not Sorry. I totally freaked out when he sang “And You?” since that’s one of my faves and I wasn’t expecting him to sing it since it’s technically just the intro/outro of his album. Every single performance was flawless and although I kind of butchered as I sang along, I had so much fun singing along with him and I guess I kind of fulfilled my dream of being able to sing with him. Half Moon was also another favorite and I totally called it when the performance was about to start because he was cutely looking up to the sky to find the moon. (Sidenote: Earlier that day I had pointed up to the sky and said, “Hey it’s a full moon.” Hehehe). I know DEAN well.

And You? (filmed on my camera)

Half Moon (filmed on my camera) 


The half moon I spotted earlier in the day

It’s an understatement to say that I was so filled with emotions after the concert. To get a snippet of what I mean, watch videos I recorded form the concert here. So much more in love with DEAN. So happy that I was blessed enough to see him perform and live and that I was able to go on this fun adventure with my friends and got to meet up with other friends and my cousin. So sad that I couldn’t just run away from all of responsibilities and surround myself with good music, food, and DEAN’s presence for the rest of my life. NO WORRIES. I will have another chance to see DEAN on tomorrow (Monday). I know you must think I’m crazy, but I would like to think of it as great dedication and showing support to the artist that embodies individuality, groove, and what I aspire to be as a musician. Will keep y’all updated as I have a mission to give him something when I meet him to take a group photo.

Quite an eventful night right? WELL IT’S NOT OVER~ I have another fun and exciting story to end this post with. As I was wandering the venue to meet up with friends, I happened to see 2 guys going around with one another. They looked like the Jrodtwins but I thought the Jrodtwins were in China because of their Instagram so I thought to myself that I was mistake. WELL GUESS WHAT??? I WAS WRONG. IT WAS THE JRODTWINS. My friend Niki and ran at the speed of light to get a chance to take a picture with them. There was a security guar that was trying to usher us all out, but they were still super nice telling all of their fans that we could all walk and take pics. My heart. So full. They are so wholesome. Luckily, we got to take a super adorable selfie with them! My camera took it’s time with the self-time, but I’m glad they posed long  enough for the camera to get a picture. I’ll end this post with that cute photo. Excuse my kind of award expression. Trying to suppress my internal fangirl scream as I’m sandwiched between two super handsome and talented men. MY HEART CAN’T HANDLE.


Selfie #3: Sandwiched between the Jrodtwins = I AM SO HAPPY

TL;DR: Best last minute decision ever! Only casualties are my DEAN dress which hopefully I can get the foundation out, my neck from trying to sleep on the bus ride, and my butterfly ear cuff. I have crossed another item off my bucket list (seeing DEAN live) and will make more progress tomorrow (will keep y’all updated). CROSSING FINGERS.

Crossing Fingers


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