Hello there!

My name is Joanne and with this blog I hope to detail my adventures in Korea this summer as well as talk about other Korea-related things such as music, food, and dramas and whatnot. This blog will be a way for me to update loved ones as well as share little treasures I come across when I’m in Korea (granted this probably won’t always apply for music because I have so many great songs I already want to share).

A little bit more about the blog’s title. It’s called [Something] for the Seoul because I wanted to share with my readers a little something that could maybe inspire or heal the soul. Seoul is used instead of soul because I’ll be living in Seoul, Korea! If you couldn’t tell already, I love puns. [Something] is in brackets because the different categories talked about on this blog can be switched out for [Something]. So for example [Music] for the Seoul.

Thanks for stopping by! Below is a pic of me in Suwon, Korea smiling because of my Suwon(derful) summer.