[Adventure(s)] #7: Fifth Week in Korea

Reminder: Click on the titles for pics and videos~

Day 29 (Saturday, July 15): Lazy Day

OOTD: pajamas

Literally all I did today was eat, sleep, and watch dramas. I stayed up all  night doing laundry so I didn’t get to sleep until 6:20am. No worries since I had nothing planned today. Woke up to cook myself some mandu and man was it yummy. Tried my best to make it look pretty with plating and I was pretty proud with how it turned out.

I then proceeded to sleep for a few more hours as I was grooving to Millic’s new album (I highly recommend it! Might do an album review). The only kind of productive thing I did today was upload pictures and update my blog. I also started watching a daily Korean drama called “All Kinds of Daughter-in-Laws” and I’m quite enjoying it. I dread how long it will be since it’s a daily drama so we’ll see if I end up sticking it out and watching until the end.

Day 30 (Sunday, July 16): Another Girls’ Night Out

OOTD: blue off the shoulder top, white long skirt, tan sandals, floral purse

Woke up at around 12pm today and made myself some yummy fried rice with fried onions, spam, egg, kimchi, and seaweed. I changed the order I put the ingredients s it wold be veggies, spam, egg, rice, and then seasoning with soy sauce and salt. I added a bit more of kimchi so the kimchi juice would flavor and moisten the rice a bit more. I made quite a lot so it was enough for my roomie Dorothy to have some as well. And man was it yummmmmmmy. Dorothy kept it was really yummy. Kya~~~~ I’m so proud of myself! 🙂

We decided the night before that we were going to check out the Chanel exhibition at the D Museum (shoutout to my sister Jessica for letting me know about this event). We RSVP’d to go to the 7pm exhibit so we could skip the long line. We were excited to go since the exhibit would only go on until July 19th, it was free, and we would get a cute canvas tote bag for free. What a deal! I decided to go for a classy look so I picked a blue off the shoulder top, white long skirt, tan sandals, and floral purse. I totally love this outfit. Definitely fits the whole classic and breezy summer feel. Something I would wear to go on a picnic. Oh and I finally am not wearing my black Boy London shoes today. Hahaha. I realize I like to wear the same pair of shoes over and over again if they’re comfy and can go with every outfit. I digress.

We didn’t leave our house until 3:50pm. LOLOL. We took the subway to Hannam so we didn’t arrive to the Hannam station until about 4:52pm. We wandered the area trying to look for something to eat and I think we somehow ended at the Mystic Entertainment building? There was a poster advertising Mystic Entertainment auditions and there was a Mystic sign indoors, but the building seemed pretty abandoned and it was quite small and old. Who knows? We were pretty indecisive about what to eat until I spotted Kkanbu Chicken, the restaurant Dorothy and I wanted to eat at when we were at Garosugil but it was too crowded). We ordered garlic roasted chicken and garlic soy sauce chicken and man they were sooooooooo yummy.

We headed over to the exhibit and it was super cool! Learning more about Chanel and all of the exhibitions were so fun to walk through. We got to see statues that represented important elements and motifs to Chanel. We walked through an area that was focused on the Chanel 5 perfume. We saw gorgeous Chanel dresses that people spent +100 hours to make. There was one dress that took 12,000 hours to make. What the holy heck. There was this one black lace dress I really, really, really liked and would want to wear on my wedding day. A girl can dream! There were accessories and an area where you were basically walking through all sorts of fabric as you saw little shadows/silhouettes of people working on dresses. So creative! The last part of the exhibit was filled with never-before-seen black and white photos of celebrities who have worked closely with Chanel. I think they said these pictures were taken in a photobooth. The only person I really cared about was G-Dragon so I just took pics of him but these 2 gils were hogging him so I had to quickly snap a picture of him as they were switching off to pose in front of his picture. C’mon people. Share GD with other people too.

We left the museum with our cute canvas tote bag and ventured over to Apgujeong. We had no place to go in mind so we just wandered the streets and eventually back at Garosugil. LOLOL I have been here 3 times already this week. I remembered there was a Sulbing in the area so we decided to go there to get some yummy patbingsoo since Lindy has never eaten at Sulbing before either. We ordered the cheese bingsoo which consisted of vanilla ice cream, cranberries, some sort of powder, shaved ice, and bits of cheesecake. YUM YUM YUM. We were originally going to wander around Garosugil after finishing our patbingsoo but we ended spending a few hours at the shop talking about a bunch of things. Super insightful and I felt like we were able to get to know each other even more. It was also super nice since this was the first time we all had dessert together. Going out with Lindy and Dorothy always makes me happy! 🙂

We safely got home and now I’m munching on roasted and salted “No Brand” seaweed as I write this. Hehehe.

Day 31 (Monday, July 17): Getting the Hang of Things

OOTD: “Everything will be fine” shirt, medium dark jeans, black Boy London shoes

Woke up at around 10:05am today since we had a meeting at 11am. So glad I only live about a 10 minute walk away from work. I knew I had some leftover Kkanbu Chicken I could eat for lunch so I opted to get more sleep instead of cooking myself something to eat. The meeting was good and a had a lot of fun brainstorming cool segments/video ideas with my Lindy and Dorothy. Had the leftover chicken for lunch and it was delicious~

After work, Dorothy, Lindy, and I headed over to E-mart to do some grocery shopping. I realize that I don’t feel as overwhelmed as before and got everything I needed and more! I ended up getting spam, garlic, potatoes, beef, a different type of mandu from what I bought before, aloe juice, orange juice , and mango juice. YAAAASSSSSS. If you couldn’t tell already, I ABSOLUTELY love fruit juice. Hehehe so refreshing. I also got some snacks from Daiso that I’m excited to try and bring to work with me to munch on when I get hungry.

For dinner, I sauteed hamburger steak with onions, garlic, potatoes, salt, and soy sauce. I had that with some rice and kimchi. I gotta say, I’m pleassantly surprised by my cooking skills. Like I’m no genius but I haven’t had to repeat any meals and I’ve been happily satisfied with my food (and that means a lot since I’m a pretty picky eater). I’m happy that I can assess what’s in my fridge and be like yes, I want to try something new today. I’m starting to get the hang of the whole taking care of myself as I live on my own! My roomie also got us some soy milk (which I have a newfound love for) and it went perfectly with my meal. Yum yum yum.

Spent the rest of the night finishing the Korean drama My Secret Romance (it took me forever to finish it), watching my old dance and singing performances (I love to do this to remind myself of my cool/badass creative side hehehe), and blogging as I jammed to Vietnamese R&B. The two new songs I have on repeat are YÊU 5 by Rhymastic and Buông Ðôi Tay Nhau Ra by Sơn Tùng M-TP. Oh I love R&B in any language. Just so groovy and the kind of music I can vibe well with. ❤

Day 32 (Tuesday, July 18): Girls, Girls, Girls

OOTD: “Girls, Girls, Girls” shirt, ripped denim shorts, black Boy London shoes – later in evening changed to jeans

Because I had to head into work pretty early today, I took a bunch of stuff from the fridge and put together a quick meal that consisted of microwaveable rice, butter, soy sauce, and butter. Interesting combo that actually tasted pretty good!I wanted to bring some snacks with me to work since I know I get pretty hungry easily but I forgot. 😦 I somehow also forgot my phone at home. Goodness I’m so forgetful these days.

We left the office a bit earlier than usual because there a was an event going on and everywhere was too noisy. We ended up going to Tom N Tom’s to work. I got myself a Deli pretzel which was pretty good and we were productive and doing our work – making a powerpoint presentation pitching our segment ideas for an idol interview show. How exciting and fun~ I love creating aesthetic powerpoints! As we sat down and I used my laptop back to make room for my food, I forgot that I had my water bottle on the table so it ended up flipping all over the place and falling on the floor. It landed over in the area of the cute guy so he picked it up and placed it in front of me without saying anything. I said thank you and I’m not even sure if he even heard me. I mean if this was a drama, this would have been “a moment” but alas my life is not a K-drama so oh welllllllll.

For dinner tonight, I headed over to Hongdae to meet up wth my friend Cindy. I haven’t seen her since school ended so I was very excited. She was in the Daiso when I came, so I surprised her wit a hug and the we headed over to the glasses shop next door. I was debating whether I wanted to get new glasses and hop on the circle frames trend, but I think I’m okay for now. We wandered all around Hongdae and decided to eat harmful patron (savory seafood pancake) and chokbal (pork feet/leg). It was sooooooooo nice to catch up as we ate yummy food.

We wandered around the shops and ended up just talking some more and checking out the street performers. It was Cindy’s first time in Hongdae so I was excited for her to see the live performances. It was getting pretty late so I had to head home since I had some finishing touched for the powerpoint. Once I got home and showered, I realized the fishing touches were going to take muchhhh longer than expected. I ended up not sleeping until around 3am. Boohoo.

Day 33 (Wednesday, July 19): Another Change

OOTD: white off the shoulder top with black stripes, back shorts, black Boy London shoes

Today’s breakfast was a pretty classic American breakfast that consisted of 2 sunny side up eggs, sautéed potatoes, and orange juice. YUM. Today, I ended forgetting my water bottle. Ugh not great when it’s so hot outside and I feel dehydrated. Thankfully I could waterfall Lindy’s water bottle. As I was working today, I was debating whether or not I wanted to get bangs. I’ve been wanting to get bangs for awhile now but I wasn’t sure if it’d be too much with my dyed hair and big/kind of thick framed glasses. Also not sure how I would feel about managing my bangs with the humidity. Alas my friends were supportive and we decided we were going to Hongdae after work to hang out and find a salon to cut my bangs. Yes, I realize that I’ve been going to Hongdae many, many, many, many times. What can I say? I somehow just always end up there.

To save some money and get rid of the food in the fridge, we decided to go home and cook and eat dinner at home before heading off to Hongdae. For dinner, I cooked myself some rice, hamburger steak, sautéed potatoes, and mend. Yum yum yum. I made way more food for myself than I expected. so I was pretty full. Now off to Hongdae we go!

First mission once we got to Hongdae, was to find myself a hair salon. We wandered the side streets and walks into the first one we say called Addere (spelled incorrectly here sorry!). Lindy helped showed the stylist the bangs of Park Bo Young from Oh My Ghostess. As the pretty cute hair stylist as cutting my bangs, I ended up closing my eyes because 1) I didn’t want to get hair in my eyes 2) I was getting pretty shy with how close he was to me. I was clenching my fists under the cloak thingy they give you when you get haircuts. Hahaha.

My haircut was finally done and I paid 6,00 won (a little less than $6 USD). It felt weird having bangs again but Dorothy and Lindy said they loved it, so I was reassured abut my decision. We wandered around Hongdae some more trying to fan those portable electronic fans since my friend Cindy told me they were life changing. Can confirm that statement. We of course checked out the live performances! We went back to the store Dorothy and I visited before so Dorothy could buy the pair of earrings se wanted from before. We then had to quickly head home since I had a meeting with my LTS PubCo co-chair.

Once I got home, I ended up not sleeping until almost 3am again since there was some logistical stuff to take care of during my meeting and I went off on a tangent talking about all of the cool live performances I’ve been to here in Korea. I love being able to fangirl. Before I going to sleep, I ended up playing around with Snapchat filters and stumbled upon one that made it look like i had circle frames glasses as well as makeup. Gotta say I’m kind of digging it so maybe I’ll reconsidering getting circle frame glasses. We’ll see!

Day 34 (Thursday, July 20): Catching Up

OOTD: sleeveless burgundy top, black skirts Black Boy IN London jeans – later in evening changed to jeans

For lunch I cooked myself some spam to have with rice and my roomie gave me her leftover harmful aeon so bless~~~ Also could not forget my seaweed! Got to do a lot more graphic design oriented stuff at work today so that was fun! Sadly Dorothy had to leave us to go do some stuff with the tech team, but it was still nice to work with Lindy at the office.

After work I went home and chilled got a bit and change my clothes before heading off to meet up with my friend Alex for dinner. We wandered around not being able to decide on what to eat so we didn’t walk into a restaurant into we walked about 25 minutes away from where I was waiting for him initially. LOL. I ended up ordering spaghetti with omurice and it was relish! The portion was also quite big so I had to employ Alex’s help to finish, Also got a piece of the beef mind Alex ordered. Can’t get enough of mandu! I left my memory card in my laptop at home so I sadly could only use my phone to take pics. Sad face!

After dinner we headed ver to noraebang which was only 4,00 won (a little bit less than $4 USD!!!) for an hour since we were students. HOLLLAAAA!!! Perks for being a student. We sang a bunch of BTS, Infinite, U-Kiss, B.A.P, and ended with Big Bang’s Blue. My favorite performance was probably B.A.P’s 1004 (Angel) since I actually knew the rap pretty well so it was super fun! It was nice getting to catch up with Alex since we haven’t seen each other in weeks.

When I got home, I showered and watched another episode of the tail drama “All Kinds of Daughter in Laws” and am not catching up on my blog posts since I’ve been too tired and busy the last few days to write them. Now to work on my presentation for another show segment~

Day 35 (Friday, July 21): Wandering, Not Lost

OOTD: “Love without side effect” red and blue stripe shirt, black shorts, black Boy London shoes

I didn’t wake up until about 10:20am this morning since my sleep schedule has been so off and I’ve barely gotten decent sleep the past few days. I was pleasantly surprised when a Stanford grad I knew reached out to me and we were able to catch up and she ave me some great life advice with great analogies. Much appreciated. Once I finished the conversation, I quickly woke up and washed up before making an omelette for my roommate and myself. I put in spam, mushrooms, onions, and seasoned it with salt. We used 4 eggs so it was pretty fluffy hahaha. It was yummy~ I realize that I really like being able to cook for others and having them enjoy what I’ve made for them! 🙂

I forgot my earphones at home. BOO. At work, we did more planning for our video segment for next week and ended up doing a 180 degrees from our original plan. We’re trying to focus more on what an international fan would want and we could give since we’re living in Korea. We’re going to experiment with dramas with our first project being “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” aka MY FAVORITE K-DRAMA EVERRRRRRR. ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m so excitedddddd for Monday.

After work, we decided to eat dinner at home before doing some adventuring later in the evening. For dinner I made myself some fried rice with a hamburger steak, kimchi, egg, onion, garlic, and soy sauce. I had some struggles with the frying pan having too much old oil and accidentally almost cooking the hamburger steak in the microwave when I was trying to defrost it. Welppppppp. It all worked out and it was yummy so yay! I also had some black bean soy milk (I’m so addicted to this).

We decided to stay close by when venturing so we headed 2 subway stops over to the Sookmyung Women’s University area. We decided to just wander and go in the direction where we saw a lot of people. We were thinking of going to Blind Alley, a cafe where you could play with raccoons, but they were asleep so we decided to come back another time. We wandered over to Sookmyung Women’s University and explored a bit but there were so many stairs and not much to see (plus I was scared we get in trouble just wandering about), so we left to find somewhere more interesting. We decided to stop by Oliver Young (think nicer CVS/Walgreens) to get out of the heat (man it’s so humid here). Lindy ended up finding a hair straightener (she’s been looking for the past few days), and it was nice checking out Oliver Young for the first time.

We wandered down the main road somewhere and when we checked which subway was the nearest, we decided to just walk all the way to Seoul Station. Hahahaha. We wanted to get to at least 10,000 steps today. It was there that I got a large Strawberry Lemonade from McDonald’s. I had difficulties when paying since I didn’t realize I could insert my card so it could read the chip. I kept sliding my card and having the machine rejecting my card. I was like, “JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY.” Anyways, the lemonade was yummy and a great way to keep my skin cool as we ventured outside once again. We walked over to Lotte Mart to compare prices to E-mart and we concluded they were pretty much the same. We were also so surprised so many people were out and about doing grocery shopping when it was already about 10pm.

As we decided to head home, I made up my mind that I was going make fry and steam myself some mandu since I was really craving for some and I was getting hungry again. I seem to be hungry all the time. It must be from all f the walking I do. Hahahaha. Well when I finally got home, that’s what I did. Make myself some mandu as I video called my friend Cali. I inspired her to reheat the potstickers she got from the supermarket so we ended up having a dumpling date (So cute! I hope to do this with my significant other someday hahaha).

I played around with more Snapchat filters and am still warming up to the idea of circle frame glasses. Hahaha. Ending my night with some blogging as I listen to the new Korean music releases. So much stuff has been coming out recently. Random fact: Jay Park has officially signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation which is such a huge accomplishment and step forward for Asian Americans in the mainstream American music scene. He’s such a talented and versatile artist/musician/performer and I would not have thought of a better person to really spearhead the presence of Asian American musicians in America, especially in the Hip Hop/R&B scene. Ahhhhh soooooo proud and glad that I was blessed with the chance to see him perform live! Man if I could ever meet him in person and get to pick his brains, have a conversation with him, or (if I can even dare to dream) to work with him someday, I would be soooooo thankful, awestruck, and extremely humbled~ I mean a girl can dream for now hehehe. 🙂


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