[Adventure(s)] #11: Ninth Week in Korea

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Day 57 (Saturday, August 12): Change of Plans

OOTD: pajamas – later in the evening beige, red, blue stripes top, medium dark wash long jeans, shrimp oishi socks, black Boy London shoes, star dangly earrings

I was basically a lazy bum all morning. I did some stuff for work that was due at 3pm but then all I did was cook lunch, listen to music, and nap. WELP. For lunch, I made tuna and spam fried rice for Dorothy and I. She said it was yummy~ I also greatly enjoyed it. Hehehe. The girls and I have plans to go bowling with a group of people (that I will soon make friends with) so I just napped until then.

We met up with them in Sinsa (I knew Cindy from before and I met Hyunjae and Jane, we met Fred later).  There was some dance contest going on so we went to check that out before heading off to dinner. I definitely get the more chill/less cramped Hongdae vibes from Sinchon and I’m digging it. We need to come back here and explore more. Hahaha. We ending up eating rice with bulgogi that was in broth? It was yummy and cheap nonetheless. 5,000 won = little less than $5 USD.

Jane and Fred ended up leaving first so the five of us headed over to the bowling alley. We were told that we had to wait 40 minutes if we wanted to bowl so we just headed upstairs and played billiards instead. Super fun even if it was my first time and I wasn’t the greatest. I got the ball in at a crucial point which was awesome. ur team wasn’t doing too well at first but we ended up winning by some miracles. I believe in miracles! Our game lasted 47 minutes and in total it was about 15,000 won so each ended up paying 1,760 won each(less than $1.70 USD). So cheap. I’m going to miss having fun and cheap things to do when you hang out with friends at any time of the day. Deep sigh. On our way home, Dorothy, Lindy, and I stopped by a store called A Land and we all ended up buying some new clothes. I got this cute rose pink (not sure how to best describe color but all I know is I really like the color) halter top and black shorts with the white outlines that will dry quickly when wet (great for swimming shorts).

After I got home and showered, I made myself some dumplings because I guess the one bowl of rice of dinner wasn’t going to cut it for me. Hahaha. I also had a few packs of roasted and salted seaweed. YUM. I am finally blogging as I watch YouTube videos and listen to music on the side. I’m so obsessed with Q2Han’s YouTube channel and pray that I get to bum into them during my time here or at the very least get to visit a lot of places they mentioned in their videos!

Day 58 (Sunday, August 13): Seoul Land~~~

OOTD: “We should all be feminists” double layered tank top, ripped denim shorts, shrimp oishi socks, black Boy London shoes

I spent my morning just chilling in bed starting a new drama called “Strong Deliveryman” and then making myself lunch. For lunch I stir fried samgyupsal, mushrooms, garlic, onions, green onions together and ate that with rice drizzled with a bit of soy sauce. YUM~ I also had a side of kimchi.

I ended up meeting with my sister at the subway exit at around 4pm with Lindy coming up with me. Although my sister and I were twinning on purpose, Lindy somehow was also kind of matching with her white top and ripped jeans. Even if we don’t live together or coordinate with each other beforehand, Lindy and I somehow usually have very similar outfits. Telepathy~

We ended up walking to Seoul Land from the subway exit instead of taking the tram so it took another 11 minutes. Although the entrance area was cut, I must say Seoul Land was quite underwhelming. There were few more “thrilling” rides but those weren’t that great since they were pretty bumpy and my shoulders ended up being sore after riding them. The first ride we went on was this spinning one that felt like I was being thrown like a doll. It sees like the rides were intense in strength but not necessary in the thrill and overall experience if that makes sense. Which it means it wasn’t as enjoyable as when I went to Six Flags Great America back home in Illinois for example. Raging Bull remains my fave roller coaster ever! I must say the point that Seoul Land won would be the music playing i the background since I listen to mainly Korean music. There was a lot of throwback songs with Kara and T-ara but I would say my fave moment was hearing Dean’s “Half Moon” come on as I was waiting to board a rollercoaster. Oh I love how this song pops up randomly during my time here. Theme song for my summer here? Perhaps.

My sis ended up heading home first because her head hurt. Sad face. Lindy and I roamed around the park for a few hours and left around 7pm. One of our favorite rides was the prate ship that swings back and forth since it was pretty lowkey although still adrenaline inducing.

After I got home and showered, I ate a simple dinner that consisted of rice, butter, spam, eggs, and soy sauce. For some weird reason, I had such a huge appetite so I ended up eating a few packets of seaweed as well as some mandu. The usual. I spent the rest of the night caching up on the drama “Strong Deliveryman” and I’m enjoying it~ I love underdog storylines with badass and kind characters. I like the actors so that’s a bonus.

Day 59 (Monday, August 14): Soooooo Tired

OOTD: ㅅeoul shirt, black sorts, tamago oishi socks, black Boy London shoes

I woke up with a massive headache that’s been bothering me all day. Not sure if it’s because of the pressure in the air caused by incoming rain, lack of sleep, AC, who knows?! I hope I’m not getting sick. I really don’t need that. For breakfast/lunch, I made a tuna, avocado, egg sandwich with buttered toast. Ate that with orange juice. YUM YUM YUM.

Finished editing and did more planning stuff at work. After work, the girls and I went 짐선생 for dinner where we had kalbi mandu, twigum (fried seafood) kimbap, kongguksu (noodle in soybean broth?), and a different sort of bibimbap with soy sauce. This version of bibimbap really reminds of com hen aka one of my fave Viet dishes ever. I think it’s because of the shredded lettuce and overall texture of the dish. I wasn’t a fan of the kongguksu but I totally digged eveything else.

When I got home, I was so exhausted that I knocked out for 3 hours after I showered. I tried watching Korean band The Rose’s  live broadcast on FB/Insta. I was only able to catch the tail end of both their Korean and English broadcasts but I enjoyed them nonetheless. They had quiz questions at the end of each broadcast that would result in a giveaway so I thought I would no the answers to the questions. Hehe but no I was wrong. The questions were different. One of their questions was how many times the word “sorry” was sang in their debut song “Sorry.” I literally looked up the lyrics and counted 23 times and when i answered, I thought for a split second that I might have won. My heart was racing. LOL. But sadly I didn’t win. They said they only sang it 18 times. I would disagree but oh well.

I spend the rest of the night watching Vox videos and other YouTube videos as I blog and snack on seaweed. Making plans to meet up with my friend Cali earlier in the day and my sister in the evening. Should be fun!

Day 60 (Tuesday, August 15): Reunited Once Again

OOTD: pink halter top, medium wash long jeans, lack Boy London shoes, army colored long jacket, leaf dangly earrings

Super excited to meet up with Cali today! We haven’t seen each other in nearly six months and I miss her dearly. Dorothy, Lindy, and I headed over to meet up with Cali and her friend Nylah in Myeongdong. We ended up eating at Jangin Dakgalbi where we had dakgalbi with glass noodles and mozzarella cheese. We then mixed kimchi fried rice with some leftover food from before and man was that yummy~ Dean’s “I’m Not Sorry” was playing so I was happy! Cali gave me the gift which included, a tamago sushi keychain, good lick charm from a temple, various Japanese-specific Kit Kat, coconut pocky, and  cute sushi-themes card, all wrapped nicely and also packed in a cute Gudetama plastic bag. I’m so touched! ❤ Also glad she enjoyed the Starbucks socks I got for her. Hehe.

After lunch, we were off to Olympic Park which would take about 40ish minutes. It was great being able to catch up one on one with Cali during the subway line. I felt so loved as she patted my head haha. It was quite the rainy day so exploring Olympic Park was pretty depressing especially at our first stop which was at a garden where all of the flower seemed to have been snipped off. We stopped by a vending machine where I got chocolate latte/chocolate milk which was a’ight. Lindy got some corn tea and was greatly amused by the popcorn aftertaste hahaha. We wandered to what seemed like a concert hall that had some sort of showcase about K-pop that was free but showings were from Wednesdays to Sundays and today was a Tuesday. Darn it! Maybe another day.

There really wasn’t much to do in Olympic Park and Cali is obsessed with Starbucks so we ended up leaving Olympic Park area to head over to the Starbucks at Famille Park. It’s apparently super special and pretty because of a 15th anniversary of sorts and so that’s pretty cool! After another 30ish minutes, we arrived at the Express Bus Terminal area and we found the Starbucks pretty easily. When we walked in, BAM, I was struck by the beautiful architecture. It was soooooo pretty. We ventured around the building and we somehow ended up in other areas of the building where it looked like some cute train station in Central Park or London. I swear a Kpop music video was probably filmed here before. Maybe a MV by girl group Secret? Not sure. We walked into this one store and I totally digged all of the Korean R&B that was playing. I Shazammed so many of the songs and now I have new songs to listen to! We also wandered into Artbox where I was perusing through stationary stuff (Cali got some egg-themed stuff, she’s also obsessed with eggs!). We found a “Joanne Bear Shop” which was cute. I spent the rest of my time in the store looking through the various CDs at the music section. I was trying to find Crush and offonoff’s new album but sadly couldn’t.

After everyone did their shopping, we started to head our separate ways. Lindy and I went off to Itaewon to check out some clothing shops where Lindy got some shorts. Afterwards I went to Beotigogae station and met up for dinner wit my sister at a Italian restaurant named Breba. We went to the wrong entrance so we had to walk around to the front which was a little annoying with the rain and my grumbling stomach. We ordered two oil pastas, one that had angel hair pasta(?) clams, olive oil, and tomatos, and chili peppers and the other had thicker pasta, prosciutto, and chili peppers. Both were so yum but not enough to satisfy my appetite. The interior of the restaurant was also pretty and the people who worked there were friendly. It’s always nice to me up and catch up with my sis even if we’ve seen each other a few days before. We talked about the mini fight we had and quickly smoothed everything over and voiced our thoughts about how irrational we were and whatnot. Once again, fight and love. It’s all part of sisterhood.

After dinner we headed over to Hongdae where my sis got nail polish remover from Innisfree, went to Sulbing and got injeolmi patbingsoo (sis had to run back to Innisfree because she forgot her umbrella so I had to wait for quite awhile for her return and I was def worried about the patbingsoo melting), and then we did some shopping. Jess and I each got a pair of sunglasses and she got a white double layered crop tank top for her screen printing class. How cool is that? My sister taking screen printing classes. So cool and badass. I look up to this chick. Also, I realize that I’m getting into sunglasses ever since I realize I could wear them once I get contacts. Score! Also score because the sunglasses were each 5,000 won so less than $5 USD!

After I showered at home, I blogged as I watch YouTube videos on dorm/apartment DIY projects and the concept of Law of Attraction. Don’t want to speak about it to much since I’m still a little confused but basically whatever beliefs or thoughts you output to the words, it’s what you will attract back to you. All about focusing on the good vibes. Definitely working on that! I’m currently munching on seaweed although my stomach is definitely craving some mandu. My roomie is asleep and I don’t want to wake her up with my cooking so maybe I’ll just settle for some more seaweed and orange juice for now.

UPDATE: I caved in and had a slice of bread with butter. Great decision. No regrets. I indeed enjoy the simple things in life such as a happy tummy although I must, my high metabolism is both a blessing and a curse.

Day 61 (Wednesday, August 16): Reel 2 Real #4

OOTD: “Girls, Girls, Girls” shirt, medium wash long jeans, black Boy London shoes

I was at home for a good portion of the day since I thought the tickets were going to be delivered today. I messaged the ticket ordering service and they gave me an update that the ticket will most likely be coming tomorrow instead. Welp. I made myself an omelette with samgyupsal, green onions, mushrooms as well some onions and garlic. Ate that with some rice drizzled with soy sauce. YUM.

When we finally left out house to do filming, our first stop was the rose state at Seoul Museum of Art. We decided to visit more drama locations of Weightlifting Fairy because there were some from last times that we wished we could go to AND it was the drama we/I were/was the most hyped about/able to fangirl over. This statue was significant in the drama since it was where Jae Yi and Kim Bok Joo got to talk to each other for a bit after their “orchestra date” set up by Jeonn Joo Hyung. Personally, it was kind of cool coming here because I was here three years ago and it was interesting to think that despite me having gone through some much with the time that has passed, this place still remains the same. We unfortunately didn’t go into the museum since we still had three other drama locations to go to, but we get to walk around the outside area for a bit. I will definitely go in next time!

For our second location, we headed over to Myungbo Crosswalk where Kim Bok Joo and Jae Yi met for the first time as he held up an umbrella for her as she was carrying a heavy vanity. We did a parody of our own of that scene and I must say it took a lot dedication. It wasn’t raining so we kind of looked crossing the street holding up an umbrella. I was too embarrassed to be acting out the scene so I ended up being the videographer. Hahaha. We even saw the weird statue thing that was located at the crosswalk. Thankfully our locations were all pretty close to each other so we didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of time traveling in between = more efficient = YAY!

For our third location which was Eungbong Mountain(?) Park we headed out to Eungbong area that was still in Seoul but seemed more chillax which was a nice change of pace and atmosphere. We had to walk quite awhile to get to the foot of the park and it was quite tortuous that all of the roads were slightly uphill. Once we reached the foot of the park, we had to climb a bunch of stars and hike uphill but ho my goodness the view was totally worth it. WE got a 360 degrees view of Seoul and it was absolutely breathtaking. From up here, all of the cars, bridges, and buildings seemed almost like toys. I would love to come back up here during sunrise/sunset or at night! We decided to visit this location because this is where Jeon Joon Hyeong and Kim Bok Joo came to talk after he confessed to her. SQUEALS. I get the giggles just thinking about that scene. He was so adorable and I love that they were so open up about their feelings even if feelings weren’t mutual at that point.

Of course our final destination was going to be a BBQ restaurant because we’re hungry and what’s a Reel 2 Real episode without some good food. Hahaha. Luckily the way there was easier since the walk was downhill and we took a subway that took us practically straight to the restaurant. The restaurant had so many autographs and drama posters plastered all around the walls so it must be super well known. The food was also super yummy! We ordered samgyupsal, kalbi, and a stone hot pot of steamed egg. hat was also super great was the unlimited free refills of mushroom, garlic, and kimchi. YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS. Compared to the other restaurant featured in the drama, this place was definitely a better deal. This place has significance in the drama because this is where Jeon Joon Hyeong took Km Bok Joo to help comfort her. She got so drunk that later in the episode he had to push her around in a shopping cart because she was too heavy for him to carry. Love how they totally took the piggyback Kdrama trope and put a creative twist to it. One of the many reasons I love this drama! ❤

Once I got home and showered, I basically spent the rest of the night watching various Korean variety shows as my roomie Dorothy finished up “Oh My Ghostess” aka my second fave Kdrama ever. I ended p watching “Outrageous Roomates” focusing on the segments with Jiyeon (one of my favorite girl group idol members when I first got into Kpop) and actor Oh Chang Suk. They did pole dancing for part of their segment and I must say I’m intrigued. Not sure if I’d be strong to do it but it did seem like a lot of fun and a good workout. I feel like my sis wold be down to try it out. I also the show “I Live Alone” and watched actor Sung Hoon’s episodes and I must say that he is so down-to-earth, derpy, cute, and just super normal. I guess this is why I enjoy these shows. I get to see the not glamorous and very average, human side to theses celebrities. It just makes me like him so much more. I honestly cracked so much watching his episodes, especially whenever he interacted with his fitness trainer. I can’t wait to see more of him on this show! 🙂

Day 62 (Thursday, August 17): Beach Ready

OOTD: “Alone” shirt, black and white athletic shorts, tamago oishi socks, black Boy London shoes, triangle tropical earrings

I pretty much lounged around the house for a good portion of the day waiting for the concert tickets to arrive. I ended up doing some LTS work with my PubCo co-chair even though our meeting lasted way longer than necessary because we both ramble, get easily get distracted, and go off on tangents. I was also quite confused when the doorbell rang but no one was there or even remotely close to our door when I answered. Hmmmm. Luckily, when Dorothy went to go exercise, she stopped by the front desk to ask and they were the ones who called us since the concert tickets were dropped at the front desk. Buying and receiving the tickets were a success! Yay~~~

For lunch, I boiled myself some dumplings (as per usual) and worked more on editing the footage we filmed yesterday as well as watching the Weekly Idol with Wanna One. I was greatly entertained. I finally left the house at around 7:10pm to head over to Sinchon with Lindy to get some fresh air. I really had no strong intentions to do any shopping today but I ended up buying stuff at Brand Market anyways. Hahaha. I got some cute denim shorts as well as a cute white off the shoulder top and a rash guard that only costed 3,9000 won. WHAAAAAAT. I was super satisfied by my purchases. I’ve been looking for more denim shorts and I liked that these were more high waisted so whoow! Also one of them has these cute mini patches on them that I find utterly adorable. I totally dig the white top and denim aesthetic. When I tried my clothes later at home long with my 5,000 won sunglasses, I looked so ready for the beach. Hahaha.

I ate a pretty late lunch so I didn’t cook and eat dinner before leaving the house. I was realllllllly craving McDonald’s, so we stopped by the McDonald’s that as a few stores down form Brand Market. Perfect! I got a McChicken (it was called Chicken Burger on the menu and I as worried for a sec there), large french fries, and a large Sprite. It was super great to order via a machine and you know what’s even better? Since my order as to go, THEY GAVE ME MY CUP OF SPRITE IN ITS OWN SNUGGLY FIT BAG. REVOLUTIONARY. Anyways, I ate as we walked over to Ewha area so Lindy could get some groceries. We also got to see a glimpse of Yonsei and I hope to maybe explore the campus a bit more another time. Maybe do a summer program here? After having a little trouble with public transit (we got on a different station than from before and were confused by the announcer person). After showering, now I’m bogging as I’m editing pics to post on Insta. How exciting~

Day 63 (Friday, August 18): Being Productive (Kind Of)

OOTD: white and black stripe off the shoulder top, medium wash denim shorts

For lunch I stir fried potatoes, onions, ham, and mushrooms and topped that off with avocado that I smashed and shaped into a heart. Hehehe. I spent my day at work editing the footage from our filming and almost finished it. I’m definitely getting the hang of the video filming and editing process. Whoow! We came home around 5pm and both Dorothy and I knocked out for a few hours since we were exhausted. When I got up, I worked more on the video and was surfing the internet and then finally made myself dinner. I spread butter on rice and drizzled some soy sauce and topped that with spam and shredded seaweed pieces. YUM.

My sister and I were possibly going to meet up later tonight but we realized we wouldn’t be able to spend that much time together so we opted to just wait to meet up tomorrow. For some reason I didn’t go shower until 10pm, but I felt super refreshed once I did. Instead of being productive for the rest of the night, I ended up binge watching Korean short films “Love Playlist” and “Seventeen.” Hahaha welp. I needed a break. Oh and how could I forget the mandu (boiled some to eat while I watched the short films).



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